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Fail Harder

Fear that comes with failing is real; it can ruin your career and dreams for the future.  Let’s talk about the concept “fail harder” and discuss how failing can be beneficial to your career.  I remember reading stories about inspiring individuals who made significant accomplishments in life and I was left feeling inspired by their story and in awe of their success.  History books are filled with men and women who had a vision, made sacrifices, lived an intentional life, and had impactful lives.  When it comes to the daily grind of life, it’s easy to forget those we look up to failed often on their journey towards success.  In the preparation process, in the planning meeting, throughout training sessions, fail harder so when it comes time to executing you’ll be ready to succeed. Fail Harder

How can you fail harder in your career?

* Fail Harder image can be seen at Wieden + Kennendy Portland office